Praise for the Book

Indra Nooyi
Former Chair and CEO of PepsiCo

This is the first time the contributions of Indian Americans have been synthesized in one place. It makes me proud that people who are rooted in the world's largest democracy are contributing to the world's oldest and greatest democracy. It is unprecedented. Kudos to the authors.

Raja Krishnamoorthi
Member of US Congress

This anthology of essays by leading Indian-Americans and Indians from all walks of life provides broad insight into the Indian-American experience and the rapid emergence of Indian-Americans in American life more generally. Drawing together the reflections of leaders in government, business, technology, education, journalism, and culture, Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans speaks to the remarkable changes we’ve witnessed over the last few decades and what we can expect in those to come.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal
Member of US Congress

On the same night in 2016 that I became the first South Asian American woman to ever be elected to the House of Representatives, Kamala Devi Harris became the first to ever be elected to the Senate. As we arrived at the Capitol, we pledged that we would not be the last. Just four years later, I proudly watched as she became Vice President Harris — the first woman, first South Asian American, and first Black woman to ever serve in this position of public trust. In that historic moment, we not only shattered ceilings, but we constructed a different path for millions of people across the country as they imagine their own futures.

A timely and necessary anthology, Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans beautifully captures how we got to this moment, the powerful lessons that journey teaches us, and where we go from here. It weaves together a diverse set of voices, stories, and perspectives from throughout the Indian-American diaspora community while pausing to reflect on not just the progress but the struggles and sacrifices that made it all possible.

It is the sacrifice of parents pooling together the last of their savings to send their 16-year-old daughter to America, knowing full well that they would never live on the same continent again. It is the struggle of immigrants and the children of immigrants as they endeavor to understand who they are without losing where they came from. But it is also the hard-fought progress secured by Indian Americans using the power they have — in politics, business, science, and beyond — to change our country and better our collective world.

This book is essential to understanding the many accomplishments of the Indian-American diaspora community. And by appreciating our past, we will be able to more perfectly create our future.

Geetha Murali
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of international NGO Room to Read

Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans reminds us of our aspirations and the extraordinary strengths of our accomplishments across the public, private and social sectors. This timely anthology is also a vital reminder of the influence and responsibility of the Indian American community. To serve as a role model of leadership, we must vehemently support social justice for marginalized individuals – Indian or otherwise - and protect this planet that sustains us all.

Reena Esmail
Indian-American composer of Indian and Western classical music

This book is a vast tapestry of interconnected stories that illuminate what it means to be an Indian in America today — from medicine and business to the arts and politics, across generations and demographics, Indians are writing a new, multifaceted narrative.

Ruchira Gupta
Social justice activist, journalist, and founder-president of Apne Aap

In this anthology, Tarun Basu has presented an irresistible story of the contributions of Indian-Americans to the United States of America. This book is a testimonial to the remarkable achievements of Indians in America as doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in politics, business, technology, education, social justice movements and culture. It is also a testimonial to the possibilities of achievements in an inclusive open democratic society. My own journey, as a young student from India to someone who testified in the US Senate for the passage of the first anti-human trafficking law in our country is unique and would have been unlikely in most other countries. This book is a record of what is done and also what is to come. To paraphrase Kamala Harris, the Indians portrayed in the book are the first, but not the last.